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Temperature Measurement
'Save money on
unnecessary fuel consumption'
Department of the Environment
About Kooltrak Data Logger
Save money on energy consumption, reduce wear and tear and
gain maximum benefit from your refrigeration unit
Temperature Measurement
"I have no hesitation in recommending the Kooltrak system and the EndoCube devices, as well the work and support of Celsius systems to colleagues and competitors."
Refrigeration Temperature MeasurementJoseph P. Finn, Marriott Hotel
Kooltrak, a simple and cost effective solution for temperature recording
Kooltrak combines modern digital temperature measurement with sophisticated computer software and hardware to provide a new and effective monitoring system.

Using miniature standalone loggers an unlimited number of measurement points can be monitored.

Refrigeration Monitoring Save money on energy consumption
Temperature Monitoring Reduce wear and tear of refrigeration plant
Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring Establish an effective working practice
Temperature Monitoring Identify working practices that result in stock loss
Refrigeration Monitoring Increase longevity of refrigeration
Refrigeration Monitoring Gain maximum benefit from your refrigeration
How does Kooltrak work?
A data logger is easily inserted into all refrigeration units, both chillers and freezers, on the `load line` of product stored; the data logger can also be used in refrigerated containers, trucks and trailers and is rugged enough to survive rough handling.

An "intelligent" program automates many functions with collected data organised on an integrated relational database, where reports and graphs can be produced quickly. The software is easy to install and use and operates with Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Xp, Windows 2000, Windows NT, windows 98, also compatible with Windows 10.

"Up to 90% of refrigeration and freezer units operate inefficiently" Coolit Refrigeration Services Limited
The data logger can be read with our stand alone system, using the Kooltrak interface cable and software. To collect data, “touch” the interface data reader to the data logger; after a couple of seconds an audible and visual message confirms the data transfer to the Kooltrak program.
Temperature Monitoring
"Kooltrak is easy to use, faster than traditional fridge monitoring methods; it's very accurate and allows you to track temperatures 24/7"
Refrigeration Temperature MonitoringMichael Tongue, Baxter Storey

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