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Temperature Monitoring Devon
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Temperature Measurement
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Clear temperature management of both the chilled and frozen foods at Blundells
is a key issue for Geoff, with staff checking temperatures twice daily.
Temperature Measuring Devon
Devon Temperature Measuring
Based at Tiverton in Devon is the famous four hundred year old school named Blundell’s after one of the wealthiest merchants of Elizabethan England, Peter Blundell who died in 1601.

Now In 2008 this independent school caters for over thirteen hundred day and boarding pupils producing in excess of two thousand meals a day.  Catering Manager Geoff Edwards is responsible for the catering team at the two kitchens on campus and is conscious of the need to serve healthy quality food to feed both the mind and body of the growing learners.

Such is the turnover of food at Blundell’s that it receives daily deliveries of quality fresh, chilled and frozen foods that have to be managed correctly at both of the newly fitted kitchens. Clearly temperature management of stock within refrigeration plant is a key issue for Geoff with staff checking temperatures twice daily.

Geoff says: “I am happy to have such a good team working here at Blundell’s and fortunate to have two brand new kitchens to work from. Keeping accurate records within the catering department is very important to me as this mirrors the ethos of the school as a whole. This is a very time consuming task and the records we take is really only a snapshot of temperatures for our HACCP and ” Due Care & Diligence” procedures”.
The Solution
Replacing the need to write down recorded temperatures manually twice a day Geoff opted to use the Kooltrak system with data loggers recording temperatures within the refrigeration units three times an hour or seventy two times a day!  By using a personal data assistant (pda) for convenience to read the data loggers, downloading data to the computer couldn’t be easier saving time and improving accuracy.

As with any business utilising the Kooltrak system has enhanced both Blundell’s school “Risk Assessment” and “Due Care & Diligence” procedures.

Geoff says “Computer technology is definitely the way forward. Celsius Systems UK Ltd installed the Kooltrak system in the first kitchen giving us much more accurate information over the full 24 hour period where there had previously been a potential weakness in our system. The quality of the data the system produces along with effectiveness and simplicity of use coupled with the prompt service given by Celsius Systems is why I ordered another system for the second kitchen”


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