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Temperature Monitoring Devon
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Temperature Monitoring
'Wasting energy costs the earth'
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Michael, founder of Effings, contacted Celsius Systems with
the view of enhancing the company's procedure to include Due Care
and Diligence, Risk Assessment and (HACCP)
Temperature Recording Devon
Devon Temperature Recording
Michael Kann founder of Effings in Totnes opened his “Flag Ship” Effings fine foods for fun, in Exeter creating a stunning, contemporary, food hall & restaurant.

It is the quality of the food that makes Effings truly special and consequently rated by The Which Good Food Guide 2007 as the best restaurant in the City. Fresh produce from the heart of Devon goes to create so many of the dishes on the menu along with the very best of artisan produced foods from southern Europe.

At an early stage in the Exeter development Michael contacted Celsius Systems UK Ltd with the view of enhancing the companies procedures to include Due Care & Diligence, Risk Assessment and (HACCP).Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

The Solution
Celsius Systems UK Ltd demonstrated to Michael and his Head Chef the benefits the Kooltrak Temperature Monitoring System would have towards the companies procedures.  Michael was suitably impressed when during the demonstration he could see the system was self financing through operational savings in respect of energy and efficiency of equipment.

Loggers are used in recording temperatures in the new Fridges, Freezers, Walk in Cold Room and bespoke Delicatessen Serverys. 

In the first week of test, prior to the development opening, the benefits became apparent as two refrigeration units were not operating at the required temperature and needed attention; therefore proving in the very first week of installation the benefits of the system as advised by Celsius Systems UK Ltd.

Head Chef, Shaun Davis says “The logging of temperatures 24hrs a day is a great benefit and gives me confidence in knowing food is stored at the correct temperature overnight when the premises are closed”


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