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Temperature Monitoring Ecube
'Reduce energy use by up to 30%'
EndoCube is a simple solution for reducing the energy
consumption of commercial refrigeration
Temperature Monitoring
'The Echo Area benefit from the Kooltrak and EndoCube system'
EndoCube, a simple solution to ensure
your commercial refrigeration is working effectively
Low energy commercial refrigeration is something which is recognised as being an important aspect of reducing the CO² output around the world. EndoCube is a simple solution for reducing the energy consumption of commercial refrigeration.
Refrigeration Monitoring Save energy up to 30%
Refrigeration Monitoring Increase the life of equipment
Temperature Monitoring Increase the safety of food storage
Temperature Refrigeration Monitoring Save on CO2 emissions
Temperature Refrigeration Monitoring Reduce carbon footprint
Temperature Measurement Reduce energy bills significantly
How does EndoCube work?
The EndoCube fits over the thermostat sensor on commercial refrigeration units.

This neat microcrystalline wax cube is a revolution in refrigeration. Easily fitted onto a thermostat sensor, it changes how fridges and freezers work by mimicking food. With an Endocube fitted the refrigeration unit now operates on the product temperature stored. This is applicable to all products both fresh and frozen, and bar and bottled products.

“EndoCube will reduce refrigeration energy consumption by up to 30%”
Fit an EndoCube and refrigeration cycles are less frequent and last longer, while food temperature is kept constant. The EndoCube is being installed, with superb results, in various places including, leading Catering Companies Supermarkets, Restaurants and Hotels worldwide.
Temperature Monitoring

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