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Temperature Monitoring Devon
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Refrigeration Inefficiency
'Wasting energy costs the earth'
Department of the Environment
Did You Know?
Kooltrak Temperature Monitoring enables a good operator to:
save energy, increase longevity of plant and reduce stock losses
Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring
"The installation of the Kootrak system transformed the administrative tasks of the kitchen team. No longer did they need to spend 20 minutes recording temperatures, 3 times a day. They could simply spend 5 minutes downloading the data once a day."
Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring ServicesGraham Hole, General Manager, Jurys Inn Plymouth
The Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme quotes:
“Cost savings of 50% or more could be achieved by ensuring that the refrigeration plant is well operated and maintained. Also, improved reliability will reduce the chance of unplanned stoppages or business interruption.”

“A 15% loss in refrigerant gas could increase power consumption by 100%.”

“Even running small-scale refrigerated equipment could account for around half of your company’s energy bill.”

“A temperature only 1 degree centigrade lower than necessary is costing you between 2 and 4% more to run the plant” and “a lower temperature than necessary makes it more likely that failure will occur”

“Leaving a chill door open will cost you at least £2 an hour and leaving a deep-freeze open will cost £6 an hour.”

“Check door seals. A faulty door seal could increase power consumption by 11%.”

“Overcooling does not provide any extra benefit for the product; increases the likelihood of equipment failure and wastes energy.”

“Monitoring is used to detect trends in the performance of the refrigeration system, expose developing problems and prompt timely intervention. It helps to maintain efficient operation and prevent unwanted interruptions to business through refrigeration failure.”


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