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Temperature Monitoring Devon
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Temperature Control
'Wasting energy costs the earth'
Department of the Environment
Exeter Golf & Country Club
The Executive Head Chef here at Exeter Golf & Country Club needed all his
refrigeration units to be running at a constant, reliable temperature and to be
notified in the event of a fault or power failure
Temperature Control Devon
Devon Temperature Control
Exeter Golf and Country Club has been established at its present location in Exeter since 1929 and was designed by the famous James Braid. Situated in the beautiful grounds is the club house which was formerly  the magnificent mansion; Braid took great care to leave some of the fine old Oaks, Limes, Redwoods and Horse Chestnuts intact that helped him to lay out a magnificent golf course.

This renowned club is a family sport and social club providing extensive facilities and activities throughout the year. Catering for the clientele in the main club house, sports bar and banquets in its function suites means there is always a very busy kitchen catering for anything from a snack or business lunch to a full dinner or banquet for over a hundred people.

George White holds the position of Executive Head Chef and uses his many years of experience and knowledge to put his brigade of chefs through their passes on a daily basis.  George knows the club has built its considerable reputation on giving its members and guest’s quality and value and strives to move the standard of cuisine and service forward.
George says: “We are very busy and the chefs are here to do what they do best which is to cook.  Having good “Due Care & Diligence” and “Risk Assessment Procedures” in place that are recorded and documented is very important. Currently we rely on manual recording which is satisfactory for legislative purposes but I need to know on a more regular basis what temperature the food is stored at. I need all our refrigeration units to be running at a constant reliable temperature and I need to know if and when a unit is faulty or if a power failure has occurred and for how long when we are off site”.
The Solution
George enhanced the clubs “Due Care & Diligence” and “Risk Assessment Procedures” by installing the Kooltrak system in the two kitchens at the club and logging temperatures in fridges and freezers now takes place every twenty minutes 24 hours a day.  It saves time on the previous manual system, reduces labour costs and increases accuracy.

If a refrigeration unit develops an intermittent fault data is on hand to assist the refrigeration engineer with a diagnosis. By ensuring that the refrigeration plant is well operated and maintained the club should now look to achieve savings of 50% or more on annual operating cost and also improve reliability and performance.

George says “Before we had the Kooltrak system I relied on one of my team to record the fridge and freezer temperatures accurately which all takes time. I often wondered how accurate the digital displays on the refrigeration units were that staff were recording from but now I don’t have to concern myself anymore and with the system in place chefs can cook and not fill out paperwork.  Downloading the information is simple and takes 3-4 seconds per data logger per day with the results being printed off on a weekly basis and filed safely in the data file supplied by Celsius Systems UK.  Although I have an operating manual should I have any questions to ask regarding the system I know I can make a phone call or e-mail and will receive a prompt response and answers to my questions.”


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