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Temperature Control
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System Maintenance
The Kooltrak system gives peace of mind for chefs to know stock is
stored at the correct temperature as part of their due diligence and HACCP
procedures and to control energy and annual running cost
System Maintenance
The Kooltrak system gives you complete peace of mind and reassurance that your refrigeration system is working efficiently
Having the Kooltrak system in place gives peace of mind for chefs to know stock is stored at the correct temperature and data provided can forewarn of potential problems with a refrigeration unit to prevent down time and stock wastage; for management the Kooltrak system is an excellent tool for controlling energy and annual running costs.

As part of our ongoing working partnership with clients within the catering industry Celsius Systems UK Ltd have developed an affordable 'System Maintenance Contract'.

How does it work?
On an annual basis the Kooltrak system is checked by a technician on site and all data loggers are tested for accuracy. Data loggers that do not conform to the standard expected within the terms of the `System Maintenance Contract` are automatically replaced at no extra cost to the client. Importantly for budgeting purposes this means the fixed annual contract price is the only fee paid.

On completion of the testing a 'Certificate of Compliance' is issued, valid for one year, to hold on file to present to the Environmental Health Officer or any other professional body to show the Kooltrak system is maintained to the very highest standard.

The service does not stop there. With the additional remote back-up provided by our IT Department we can assure clients of a first class quality service to ensure continuity throughout the year.

System Maintenance

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