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Temperature Control
'Wasting energy costs the earth'
Department of the Environment
Nigel Kendal-Ward
IT Technical Support Manager
Temperature Monitering Nigel initially joined Celsius Systems UK Limited in a consultancy role, however soon appreciated the many benefits of the innovative Kooltrak system and as a result joined the company on a full-time basis in 2008. 
“I could see the many advantages of the Kooltrak system, not just to the catering industry but to any business and institution with a requirement to keep accurate records of temperatures, including monitoring environmental parameters in order to provide accountability.  Utilising this revolutionary technology also brings great energy savings and economical benefits” says Nigel

In his senior role as the company’s Technical Support Manager, Nigel aims to dispel the confusion and myths often surrounding IT by introducing the Kooltrak system in a simple format.  By making the process uncomplicated ensures everyone has the ability to operate the software, incorporating it effortlessly in day to day responsibilities and duties making their job easier to manage.

Nigel brings a wealth of skills and experience to the role.  Initially working in the retail trade he joined the Royal Air Force as an Environmental Health Technician in 1977.  Nigel worked in various areas including food hygiene/standards; pest control; building regulations; heating, lighting and ventilation; occupational medicine; health & safety as well as in the field of fresh and waste water quality.  He also fitted in duties in the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Team before leaving the service in 1983 and attending Eastbourne College of Art and Technology training for the hotel and catering Industry where he achieved City & Guilds qualifications. 

Having worked in the Eastbourne, London and Hertfordshire regions Nigel relocated to Exeter in 1988 to attend an Access Course to Higher Education in the Sciences gaining a place at the University of Exeter to study a Combined Honours Course in Physics and Education.  At University, Nigel set up an innovative initiative called “Schools into Space”.  

The project involved taking computers and radio equipment into schools; setting up a radio link between the classroom and the computers on board the Russian MIR Space Station.  Several schools successfully made contact with the Russian Cosmonauts leading to a visit by one to an Exeter primary school and several visits by one of the teachers to Kalinigrad – Russia's Space City.  Nigel still maintains his interest in radio, regularly communicating with the International Space Station both on computer link and voice contacts.  Putting this invaluable radio experience to practical use, Nigel helps to run and maintain the communications for the West Devon Emergency Group.

Following University, Nigel worked as an IT Technician for a local Agricultural College before setting up ‘Small Business Computer Services’ providing specialist IT support for the hospitality industry.   Vast experience gained in EPOS systems as well as computers and peripherals further raised Nigel’s profile bringing him to the attention of an agency in Milton Keynes with an urgent need for engineers for a major ATM upgrade project following the introduction of ‘Chip & Pin’ technology in 2004.  Trained by NCR and Triton, he worked as an independent contractor for Banks, supermarkets and large corporations managing their ATM Upgrade programmes.  Nigel also fulfilled several roles as a consulting engineer on an MOD training records upgrade programme.  This involved desktop and server configuration at various sites in the UK with the aim of taking the management and record-keeping of all aspects of recruitment and training in the Armed Forces to a higher level.


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